Festivals, water sports and day trips in nature.

Traditional festivals

Festivals from an older age

Famous for the most traditional Dodecanese festivals, Karpathos will impress you with its summer celebrations. You will find them mainly during the summer months in many of the island's villages. Apart from live music and plenty of food and drink, you will be impressed by the traditional Greek costumes that the locals wear and you will have the time of your life! Visit Menetes, Pyles, Aperi and Olympos on August 15th, the time that the Assumption of Mary is celebrated or on September 8th visit Gates and Mesochori for the ultimate traditional experience.


Boat trip

If you prefer quieter vacations with endless landscapes and natural beauty, then apart from the beaches of the island, you should visit Saria. To the north of Karpathos, opposite the capes of Vourgounta and Espoa, you will find this unique islet of beauty that according to Greek mythology was created by Poseidon to bury the Titan Ephialtes. An important natural habitat with extraordinary beauty, an impressive canyon and light blue waters. Take the boat and dive next to the caves, visit the uninhabited village and admire the natural beauty of Saria.


Back to nature

If you are looking for alternative vacations full of natural beauty and traditional activities then Karpathos is the place for you. The areas of North Karpathos and Saria as well as the Central Karpathos (Kali Limni, Lastos, Kyra Panagia) are of particular ecological interest and are part of the NATURA 2000 Network. In addition you can participate in various activities such as bird watching, grape harvest, wine and cheese production and many more for nature-filled vacations!

Water sports

Adventurous beaches

The beaches of Karpathos besides swimming and sunbathing, can offer a lot of adventurous experiences. The island winds that blow constantly from the beginning to the end of the season make Karpathos an ideal place for windsurf and kitesurf. Especially the Afiartis area with its four bays is the perfect choice for all tastes. Makris Gialos Beach is an ideal choice for beginners, the "wave-spot" and Valia Beach will give you the highest waves, while Vathi, which hosts international competitions, has the perfect combination with its flat waters and strong winds.

Scuba Diving

Under the sea

For those who appreciate the sea "in depth", Karpathos is an ideal choice. Its seabed, unique in every part of the island, offers rare natural beauty. Various forms of life, underwater boulders and caves in Kastellia, the "cave of pirates" in Achata, and an Italian shipwreck in Diakoftis Beach, are just a few of the seabed elements that will fascinate you. Visit the Karpathos Diving Centre in Pigadia to embark on an exciting journey to the underwater world of the island.


Exploration on land

Karpathos has approximately 50 trails that collectively are over 200 kilometres long and many of them go through the traditional villages of the island. Discover the rocky landscape, wander around the villages, take in the view of the Aegean Sea from above and learn about the cultural value of Karpathos Trails. Besides hiking, you can do climbing and mountain bike, two very popular activities amongst the visitors of the island.