Famous Sights

An island of special character


Pure beauty, tradition and water sports

Apart from its raw beauty, Karpathos is an island of historical, cultural and architectural interest. Unique beaches with crystal clear waters, rich seabed and water sports, trails with a huge variety of flora perfect for hicking, traditional villages straight out of an older era, historic churches and lively tradition. All these and many more create a unique experience for the trevellers and a trip they will never forget.


A place straight out of a myth

With a name inspired by Greek mythology, Afiartis will surely meet the expectations of the travellers. Grafted on the south side of Karpathos, it is the largest plain of the island. The rich history of the area will take you back in time. Walk around the ruins of Ancient Thaethos, visit the ruins of the Early Christian Church, which is rumored to be dedicated to Saint George and enjoy the hot sun and crystal clear waters on the beaches of the area.


Deep blue waters and golden sandy beaches

With more than 100 recorded beaches, Karpathos with its light blue waters is the ideal summer destination for all tastes. Organized or not, rocky or sandy, accessible by car or boat, one thing is certain: the beaches of the island will be impress you! Visit Apella, a beach voted as the best beach of the Mediterranean, dive to the bottom of Agatha beach, enjoy the sunset at Agios Nikolaos of Arkasa, visit the chapel at Kyra Panagia and relax on the immense sand of Agios Minas.


Impressive architecture

Karpathos is a "living attraction" and always impresses its visitors with its picturesque traditional villages. Each with a different but always impressive character, the villages of Karpathos are the island's jewel. Visit the medieval Menetes, the famous Arkasa, Spoa that combines north and south and Othos, the island's northern village.


Living tradition

A special village with extraordinary beauty, in Olympos you will have a magical time. The whitewashed houses on the small alleys, the 70 windmills, the traditional lifestyle of the residents, make this place one of a kind. Take a stroll down the alleys of Olympos, enjoy the view, admire the geometric houses built between the 7th and 9th centuries, enjoy the smell of fresh bread in the wood fired oven and travel to another era.
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History and architecture combined. The churches of the island, small or large, centrally located or not, are an important sight of Karpathos. Rich in history and elaborate in architecture, the island's churches are something you should not miss. Enjoy the view outside the Church of Agia Kiriaki, admire the bell tower of the Church of Ypapanti, and visit the ruins of Agia Sophia, built in the early Byzantine period.
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Archaeological Museum of Karpathos

Vacation full of knowledge. If you like history, in Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos, you will find the Archaeological Museum of the island, housed in a building constructed during the Italian occupation. You will see exhibits from prehistoric to post-Byzantine times, while on the Byzantine wing you will find information and finds of the island from the Early Christian period up to the 16th century. The wall painting at the church of the Holy Apostles dating back to the 14th century is also important.
karpathos sights - Poseidon Blue Gastronomy Hotel

Othos Folklore Museum

Meet the old Karpathos. In the village of Othos, visitors have the opportunity to see closely the traditional lifestyle of the residents. The Folklore Museum of Othos is a faithful representation of a traditional Karpathian house. You will have the opportunity to learn about the lifestyle of the islanders, but also learn about customs such as the traditional piece of embroidery the people used to wrap around the central pillar of the house, called "stilomantila". You will also see various handmade embroideries and ceramics, as well as traditional musical instruments.