A journey of taste

Under the trees and overlooking the sea, right under the Poseidon Blue Gastronomy Hotel, you will find the Poseidon Blue Restaurant. Enjoy traditional Greek cuisine with international elements by Angela Papavassiliou. High quality, local ingredients, dishes cooked in the traditional Karpathian oven and a list of 90 Greek wines are just a few of the elements that make up the exquisite flavours you will taste at Poseidon Blue Restaurant.


Mediterranean recipes with international influences

With respect to the local ingredients and the island's tradition, Poseidon Blue Restaurant offers you a carefully selected menu consisting of Greek flavours with international influences. Here you will find fresh fish, local meat, varieties of cheeses from all over Greece and mainly love for the Greek food. Try Karpathian flavours with the special touch of the Chef and get a different tasting experience.


Quality guarantee from the famous Angela Papavassiliou

Born in Germany and raised in Karpathos, Angela Papavassiliou creates daily traditional Greek recipes with international influences at Poseidon Blue Restaurant. After her experience in many restaurants of the Greek islands, she joined the first Master Chef of Greece, where she was proclaimed the first woman Master Chef in Greece. Her passion for exploring international cuisines and techniques led her to the Netherlands, where she worked for three years at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Her love for the place she grew up, brought her back to Karpathos, where she creates for us a thrilling cullinary trip every day.


The taste of Greece

As in our menu, we ensure that the drink you choose is equally exquisite from high quality ingredients and Greek producers. At Poseidon Blue Restaurant you will find a list of 40 Greek wines brought from different vineyards throughout Greece. Choose the wine that will complete your dinning experience and accompany you on your delicious journey. Our sommelier will help you with any information you need.


Sweet and savory flavors

At Poseidon Blue Gastronomy Hotel we say good morning in the most delicious way! A delicious breakfast based on Greek cuisine with American / European dishes is waiting for you to enjoy. Our full buffet consists of Greek, local products and gives you tastes from our island. At our hotel we always make sure to offer our guests high quality and flavorful dishes by inviting them on a tasteful journey.


Selected by the Chef

In addition to its standard menu, the Poseidon Blue Restaurant prepares for its guests day dishes such as moussaka or fish directly from the fishermen of Karpathos. On Sundays you can enjoy Chef's specialties, such as lamb with groats in the wood-fired oven and pork shank. Our bread is homemade and comes straight out of the Karpathian oven, giving it a unique scent!